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Marvel's What If...? Teaser Trailer New Footage [HD], time: 1:06
  • What If? is an upcoming American animated web television anthology series created for Disney+ by A.C. Bradley, based on the Marvel Comics series of the same name. It explores what would happen if major moments from the films of the Marvel. What If? is an upcoming American animated web television anthology series created for Disney+ by A.C. Bradley, based on the Marvel Comics series of the. What If, sometimes rendered as What If?, is a series of comic books published by Marvel Comics whose stories explore how the Marvel Universe might have. With Hayley Atwell, Chadwick Boseman, Josh Brolin, Dominic Cooper. Exploring pivotal moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and turning them on their. What If? is an upcoming animated American web television series based on the Marvel Comics. One of the new Marvel TV shows coming to Disney Plus. Marvel. What if Steve Rogers wasn't Captain America? What if Captain America was a. sort of. The animated series What If?, coming to Disney+ in , brings back over 20 of your favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe actors as they. Living brains and anti-fascist odes: The greatest What If? stories in Marvel history. What if Aunt May died? What if the Punisher joined SHIELD?
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What Ifsometimes rendered as What If? What If comics have been published in 13 series, as well as many stand-alone issues, since the s. The stories of the inaugural series — feature the alien Uatu the Watcher as a narrator. From his base on the MoonUatu observes both the Earth and alternate realities. Most What If stories begin with Uatu describing an event what the mainstream Marvel Universe, then introducing a point of divergence in that event and then describing the consequences of the divergence.

Uatu was used similarly in the second series — until a point where, in the Fantastic Four comic book, Uatu was punished for destroying another Watcher.

This made the use of Uatu improbable, so the character was phased out to its last appearance in issue Without a framing devicethe stories themselves became the focus. In later series, some writers chose to introduce alternative narrators.

In the early series, a hackerwhose online alias is "the Watcher", opens each of the six issues. Marvel has given several What If stories official numerical designations to make them contiguous with the Marvel Comics Multiverse and differentiate them from the main Marvel Universe of Earth These stories explained the origins of some of Marvel's superhuman races. The initial issue series 47 issues plus a 0 issue ran from February to October It presented an this web page what of events seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 Following the cancellation of the series, Marvel published a one-shot What If?

From July to NovemberMarvel published monthly What If issues issues plus a -1 issue. The second series revisited and revised ideas from volume 1.

In volume 2, stories could span multiple issues every issue of volume 1 contained a complete story. Also, sometimes, the volume 2 stories would offer multiple plots and endings. The reader could decide which one to adopt.

The humorous aspect of volume 1 was retained through volume 2, particularly in issue 34, an all-humor issue containing a number of single-page gags and two complete stories. The new character was popular enough for a spin-off series. From this, the MC2 line of publications were developed. For a brief period betweenall What If? In FebruaryMarvel published a further six issues of What If. They were all in the "one-shot" format. The editor, Justin Gabrie, attributed the publication of volume 3 to a suggestion from C.

In Februarypublication of volume 4 began. Again, there were six issues in the "one-shot" format. However, rather than follow What if tradition of using a divergence from a specific plot point, Volume 4 more closely resembled the DC Comics equivalent, Elseworldswhich presents stories that are continuities based on alternative versions in time or place of canon for example, Superman: Red Son is a story in which Superman was raised in the Soviet Union instead of the United States.

All but one of the volume 4 issues uses this format, explained by Uatu the Watcher having discovered historical documents from an alternative dimension. From the Japanese feudal era, the divergence of marvel shared alternate universe, Earth, begins. It is also the realm where characters are given alternative life histories and where they proceed in alternative historical periods. InMarvel published another set of What If?

Volume 6 marvel of five issues — All its proceeds went to the Hero Initiative. The other issues were: "What If? Spider-Man vs. Wolverine " January See more issues were collected into a trade paperback, What If? Civil War. In DecemberMarvel published five What If specials which appeared weekly. In addition, a storyline featuring the Runaways as the Young Avengers ran throughout Volume 7.

What Decembera new series was published. Marvel the exception of this last issue, each comic in Volume 8 featured what alternatives what the event. In SeptemberMarvel marvel a ninth series of five What If issues in the one-shot format, to be released in December The second to fifth issues of volume 9 what not numbered. What If? It presented an alternative for the Siege Marvel universe event, asking what might have happened if the Sentry had not lost control and Norman Osborn had conquered Asgard.

The second story examined " The Galactus Trilogy ", and was written by Stan Leethe author of craigslist san antonio tx original. Avengers vs. In AprilMarvel released the marvel series What If? Age of Ultronwhich spun out of the event what examined the consequences of Wolverine going back in time to kill Hank Pym before he created Ultron.

Each issue explored what a new universe would be like which arose from the removal of another core Avenger, with the Wasp in 1, Iron Man in 2, Thor in 3 and Captain America in 4. The series was concluded in 5 with a world where Hank Pym never created A christmas story 2 what the see more place and thus a universe without Ultron's creation of the Vision.

In OctoberMarvel released another five-part series of stories under the What If? Each issue is a one-shot, and the first four explore a different outcome to the event. The fifth, What If? In OctoberMarvel released six more one-shots under the What If? A number of the stories have been collected in trade paperbacks :.

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Added to Watchlist. Erik Killmonger 1 episode, In Decembera new series was published.