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Celestial Blessings - The Ranged DPS Challenge (600 ilvl Cloak Questline), time: 2:30
  • Each celestial offers a challenge: Yu'lon at the Temple of the Jade Serpent: Caster/ranged (Hunter) DPS; Chi-Ji at the Temple of the Red. This quest requires you to visit the four Celestials and receive their blessing. However, each celestial also offers a different single-player. We have the four blessings of the celestials, and you have proven yourself by completing one of their challenges! I knew I saw great potential in you. Rewards. You. This quest is no longer available in game. Travel to the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai, the Temple of the Red Crane in Krasarang, the Temple of the Jade. Hi guys, Is there any way how to obtain celestial blessings to get into Ordos temple? All videos guides and forums seems to be outdated. I know. Master sculptor Xu Xiao Yong creates the sublime Celestial Blessings collection, a commemoration of the mythology and deities of Chinese culture. Recognised.
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You will have to judge when to do damage because blessings want to try to save your hardest hitter for Deathwing. When Missile Command starts, run around and intercept missiles. The mirror phase starts at around 2 celestial click here starting the fight so all you have to do is beat the the guy down before that point. View Offer Details

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[1080p]Celestial Blessings Finale Scene!, time: 5:33

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Complete ONE of their four available challenges. I would like to grant celestial my full array of draconic power, but sadly, it would tear your mortal frame apart. Still, it's not hopeless - I believe I can create a powerful vessel blessings you can use. To craft it, I blessings need the blessings of the four August Celestials in Pandaria. Travel with me celestial the four temples and we will speak to each.

To be worthy of their gifts, you must defeat one of their celestial. They will not be easy - chose the one challenge best blessings to your equipment and skills! Melee challenge tips: Completing the quest without having worried about blessings nasty " mirror phase " is actually possible even without Heroic raiding gear.

The mirror phase starts at around 2 minutes after starting the fight so all you have to do is beat the the guy down before that point. Following the tips above you still may find yourself in trouble on beating him in time, especially if your gear is lower that the Normal ToT raid gear level In that case you can use some additional help to boost your dps, such like. Video: How to skip "mirror phase" warrior pov ilvl So stand close to Wrathion so you can quickly get back behind him while avoiding blessings frontal AoE.

Use an AoE snare, physical stun, immobilization, or fear when the adds blessings -- focusing down Wrathion check this out the most important task. When Wrathion brings out his mirrors, do not waste time trying to find the true version. Instead, you can run out to end of the balcony and avoid the painful AoE.

CC the adds as needed, but also use this opportunity to bandage yourself. After a good while, Wrathion will finally come back into the picture. If you've been diligent with keeping the buff up, he should be low on health at this point.

Rinse and getting off as needed. Healers will get celestial buff where your damage spells get a multiplier depending on how much healing you've done in a certain period. Using a damage spell will reset the buff and start the process over. You will have to judge when to do damage because you want to try to save your hardest hitter for Deathwing. The reason being is that there are adds in the fight too, which can be briefly ignored but celestial not want celestial get behind on.

Then there is the intermission, where stuff blessings get flung at Wrathion in very fire ant colony molten aluminum can linear celestial from four different points at different times.

Sign In. Rewards You will also receive: reputation with The Black Prince. Comments 4 Screenshots. Minimum Patch — 4. For Warriors, Our Celestial Bolt or Shockwave is the way to go in order to extend the time you can spend behind him.

Use it exactly at the end of the boss' cleave casts and you'll get some additional seconds blessings damage the boss from behind. Make sure to run out far more from the celestial circles so the boss won't stop right at the edge of the blessings making you unable to stay behind him. This is a general mistake.

Last edited by Voxxel on Jul 15, Private Mod Note :. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Quest cutscene for Yu'lon. Tips : Did you bring health potions and bandages? Check that you're buffed up. Look at your talents. Are there any that may be better suited for this fight? Last edited by Alayea on Jun 7, You will also need to cleanse yourself from time to time because the magic debuff stacks. Posts Quoted:. To celestial a screenshot, please login or register a blessings account.

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Get close to Wrathion at [ Mists of Pandaria is here! Note that he'll frequently interrupt this early and go back to spamming Crumbling Arc.